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If you want your business to be successful, it's important to create a website for it. The internet is the first place people refer to for new inspiration and resources that will get specific services done. Do you need a Website Design company? Look no further as we can assist you from start to finish.

Step 1: Choose Your Domain Name
Every business should have its own name, and when you start working on your website design, the first thing you need to consider is choosing a name for your website. Check with us to see if your business domain is available.

When choosing a domain name for your new website design, it is important that the name is easy to remember and pronounce. The shorter the name, the better as people do not remember long names.

Then next it is important to consider which suffix will be an ideal match for your domain. Will it be or .org? Since we are in South Africa, we do recommend to register a website so that you do not lose potential clients who may land on a .com site and assume you are not a local company.

Step 2: Choosing a Reliable Web Host
Hosting is important as this service stores your website design and all data that it contains. We have various packages available and all of them include support if you have any problems with your emails

Step 3: What is your website going to say?

What kind of data will you be sharing on your website? Your goal is to introduce the audience to your business and capture their attention with a functional, attractive website design. Every website design begins with a home page. This is the first-page visitors land on when they find you on search engines. To capture their attention, share a few lines about the things you do and highlight your main services. A contact page is also very important as this contains your address, email, phone numbers etc for your client to get in touch with you.

Step 5: Build a usable website design

Design a website that will be stuck in the users mind. There are plenty of tools to use to do this, eg. animation sliders and pricing tables, clean and well-placed text and easy to find navigation. At Gotfunk we always keep the clients brand in mind, as well as how their clients will see and use the website.


If you want your website design to stand out from your competition, build it with usability in mind. Make sure your website loads fast and views on all devices.

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