Are you looking for more traffic towards your website but have no idea which possibilities are out there? You have come to the right place. Gotfunk not only specialises in website development, we also know how to get your website the traffic you require and ranking higher on Google.

What are Google Ads?

Before a purchase is made, most clients turn to google researching the product or service they want. Every second there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and most search result pages include Google Ads. Looking at these numbers, it might be a good return on investment (ROI) doesn’t matter if your company is just starting up or if you have been in business for years.

Google Ads is an advertising platform that is affordable, easy to use and user friendly. Google Ads is not only for large companies that have a marketing strategy in place but for start-up companies to obtain the traffic needed in order to create a client base for a successful business. Google is the only platform worldwide that is suitable for advertising of any product. From the smallest item to the most unusual products and new inventions.

You get to choose your target market. Targeting in marketing serves brands as well as consumers. It improves marketing strategies and audience experiences, builds brand awareness and loyalty, and even leads to better products and services. Plus, target marketing makes it easier for brands to reach audiences in an authentic, more meaningful and personal way. 

Your marketing budget will determine the amount you spent on Google Ads. Gotfunk has the marketing experience to obtain the necessary traffic for your business by using the best keywords for your ads as searched by potential clients. With years of experience in digital marketing and website development, we know how to get your business ranking on the first page of Google.

Adding Google Ads to your marketing budget ensures the correct target audience finds your business and products leading to sales generation and putting your business on the map.

With Google Ads, you pay per click for potential clients searching for your products or services. This is an important step towards digital advertising as a click from a client will lead to sales leaving you with a great return on investment (ROI). The overall average in-target rate is currently at 44% with a significant variance seen across product categories.

With Google Ads and the correct marketing company behind you, you are heading in the right direction. At Gotfunk we build partnerships with our clients to help you grow your business. Let us help you tell your story to the world.

No matter what you require, we can assist you with all your business requirements from website development to leaving your digital footprint on the net.

Let us help you market your business the right way.

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