Are you looking for more traffic towards your website but have no idea which possibilities are out there? You have come to the right place. Gotfunk not only specialises in website development, we also know how to get your website the traffic you require and ranking higher on Google.

What are Google Ads?

Before a purchase is made, most clients turn to google researching the product or service they want. Every second there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and most search result pages include Google Ads. Looking at these numbers, it might be a good return on investment (ROI) doesn’t matter if your company is just starting up or if you have been in business for years.

Google Ads is an advertising platform that is affordable, easy to use and user friendly. Google Ads is not only for large companies that have a marketing strategy in place but for start-up companies to obtain the traffic needed in order to create a client base for a successful business. Google is the only platform worldwide that is suitable for advertising of any product. From the smallest item to the most unusual products and new inventions.

You get to choose your target market. Targeting in marketing serves brands as well as consumers. It improves marketing strategies and audience experiences, builds brand awareness and loyalty, and even leads to better products and services. Plus, target marketing makes it easier for brands to reach audiences in an authentic, more meaningful and personal way. 

Your marketing budget will determine the amount you spent on Google Ads. Gotfunk has the marketing experience to obtain the necessary traffic for your business by using the best keywords for your ads as searched by potential clients. With years of experience in digital marketing and website development, we know how to get your business ranking on the first page of Google.

Adding Google Ads to your marketing budget ensures the correct target audience finds your business and products leading to sales generation and putting your business on the map.

With Google Ads, you pay per click for potential clients searching for your products or services. This is an important step towards digital advertising as a click from a client will lead to sales leaving you with a great return on investment (ROI). The overall average in-target rate is currently at 44% with a significant variance seen across product categories.

With Google Ads and the correct marketing company behind you, you are heading in the right direction. At Gotfunk we build partnerships with our clients to help you grow your business. Let us help you tell your story to the world.

No matter what you require, we can assist you with all your business requirements from website development to leaving your digital footprint on the net.

Let us help you market your business the right way.

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Gotfunk has got the solutions for your 2019 Creative Marketing Campaign 

There are so many different types of marketing available. Different Agencies, different marketing strategies, how do you choose? It all starts with your vision for your company. In the technological marketing world we live in, everything is digitalised. Everything we need is available at our fingertips. 

What is your vision for marketing strategy for the future?

Organizations use strategic marketing to create a plan to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity.  There are different methods to approach your Creative Marketing Campaign with many different products available on the market today. We are talking about Marketing Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Graphic and Design Agencies and Web Designing Agencies to name just a few.

Having all these options to choose from, has an impact on your marketing strategy for the future.  Not only do you need to find an agency that has the exact same vision for your company’s future, but you must keep in mind which services these agencies have to offer.

Looking at the services each one offers, might have an enormous impact on your final Creative Marketing strategy.

Marketing Agencies:

Marketing agencies creates and implements strategies and conduct the market research for your specific product in order to increase sales and profits of a company. Marketing agencies seeks to build a relationship with your target audience and increase overall exposure by extending reach to potential customers who are likely to be interested in the product you are selling.

Digital Marketing Agencies:

The main purpose of a Digital Marketing Agency is to improve and promote your business.  Digital Marketing Agencies increase the number of customers you generate as well as the traffic your site receives, thus promoting your product without the additional cost of local newspaper ads being placed weekly and likely getting no response from those ads. 

Advertising Agencies:

An independent service-rendering organization. It delivers various services and performs many functions for its clients, who are advertisers. An advertising agency, more often referred to as a creative agency or an ad agency, is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. 

Graphic Design Agencies

Graphic design agencies create visual communication materials for their clients such as logos, marketing materials and advertising. They work with their clients to identify business objectives, create strategies and implement them with a range of design, advertising, branding and marketing projects.

Web Design Agencies

Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

Web Design with your customer in mind, determining the client’s requirements and goals, creating graphics, as well as, designing colour schemes, layouts and fonts, while achieving the right mark-up and style.

Web Designers takes into consideration the overall user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details. These are just a few elements that are involved in developing a website that is designed to perform in today's competitive marketplace.

What if there was a Creative Marketing Company that can do all the above and more?

The search is finally over.  Gotfunk - The company that covers all your Creative Marketing ideas, has the same vision for your business and assist you with your exact business needs in the long haul. We are proud to offer all our clients the following services:

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design and Graphic Design
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Corporate Clothing

All your company needs under one roof. Specialising in everything a company might need for successful and Creative Marketing. We are driven by the appreciation of all online marketing and print media and we cater for all types of businesses, from start-up companies to your more experiences businesses, we strive to be affordable to all business owners as we want you to be successful.

So… what is your Creative Marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate, call us today.

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A Logo is to your business as a face is to you. A Logo is the best marketing tool you have at your disposal. It is the part of your business that makes you instantly recognisable. The unique design, colours, special elements and overall look tell your customers and competitors what you stand for. All this cannot be overlooked and need to be taken seriously. At Gotfunk, we have the most Affordable Logo Design In South Africa

Here are some signs your business needs a new Logo Design

Your Logo Is On-Trend - Twenty Years Ago

To put it simply, your logo is outdated. This isn't a case of a trendy vintage logo, which is a  legitimate design choice, this is a  case of a logo design looking neglected and well-worn that it might as well have dust on it. There is a reason why successful companies invest in branding and give their logos a new look. It realigns with the companies mission statement, ensures that it still fits the companies personality and it gives the design a new and fresh look.

Your Logo Doesn't Fit Your Brand Or Re-Brand

Your logo is an ambassador for your brand. It is generally the first thing people see and it says a lot of who you are and what you offer. If your companies personality is a professional company, you do not want a cute hand-drawn picture with a daisy. The vital point of choosing a logo that fits your brand is to enable connectivity with the viewer.

Your Logo Doesn't Communicate Your Message
Lack of communication is a problem for many companies, and this needs to happen on every level in your business. Your logo is the first communication with your business. Your logo's message should show who you are, what you offer, why they should choose your services. If your logo doesn't show the right message or doesn't even speak at all, all the above opportunities are lost. This can be seen directly or indirectly with a font choice, colour choice and other logo elements.

Your Logo Font It Hard To Read
Many logos are word marks, letter marks and a combination of marks that include a typeface of some kind. But is this is difficult to read, then it isn't doing your logo any services.

Your Logo Colours Aren't Effective
Another way of communicating a message through a logo is through the main colour you choose. There is a lot of research on psychology and colours as certain colour trigger certain moods. Blue tends to be calming, soothing and communicates trustworthiness, where red is enlivening, a call to action, which is why you see many red logos in the food and drink industry.

Learn more on when to know your logo needs a rebrand on our next article. Remember Gotfunk does an Affordable Logo Design In South Africa

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Putting a small business on the map is a daunting task. So much to think about so many things to consider.  

When you think about marketing or small business marketing, putting a new business or existing business on the map requires a lot of continuous work. There are several aspects of marketing you must consider, elements of marketing you must keep in mind, marketing concept you must learn and those are just the basics.  

After your small business marketing aspects, elements and business concept are set out, you need to start considering getting a Website for your business. Websites have got many benefits even though we might not think about obtaining a website for business purposes straight from the start of your small business marketing plan. But the benefits of having a professionally designed website can put your business on the map, obtain new customers, increase sales and advertise your business at a more cost-effective rate than normal advertising. 

Remember, the marketing of your business is important.  Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online. Consumers are generally turned off by companies that don't have a web presence. This is one of the biggest reasons why small businesses need websites. A website not only puts the business out there, but it makes the company known to the consumer. Your company's website can be a highly effective marketing tool that can be very cost-efficient.  

Does my business need a professionally designed website?

The answer is simple. Yes. Poorly designed websites will affect your business. Most consumers expect a website to load within less than 2 seconds. If the website was poorly designed, these consumers are more likely to consider other websites that is faster and more user-friendly. Poor site navigation is another aspect of the website we must look at. This is a factor that can hurt conversions. Simply put, confused and frustrated prospects won’t buy. Broken links, complex forms, or too many navigation options will drive away your customers, and it’s unlikely that they’ll come back to your site.

Basic websites are good to have, but the basics don’t cut it anymore in the competitive world of the internet. Listing your services and contact information just isn’t enough anymore. Pages need to be updated often and content must be optimized to receive the full benefits of having a website. 

When you hire a professional website designer and developer, you’re hiring peace of mind. Peace of mind is huge when it comes to something as large as a business website. One accident caused by inexperienced website designers can ruin the aesthetic of your site, hurt the trustworthiness of your business and can get the website banned from search engines. 

You need to leave a lasting impression on the visitors who land on your page. If your website does not exude professionalism, credibility, and great quality, customers may be scared away. Professional website designers also help to design your website, so it complies with SEO requirements. This means that they build your website to be search engine friendly and as such, people can easily find your website for increased sales and long-term relationships with consumers. 

We at Gotfunk has got so many services to offer your business to ensure increased sales, longer-lasting browsing on your website and optimisation of your website is our priority. We are a Website Company in Pretoria, with qualified web designers who create visually appealing Websites, that is also practical and functional for your client. 

Our dedicated Web Design Studio will assist with all the design elements, making sure your website fits into your Corporate Identity and your specific business needs. The website design and development team at Gotfunk is not only highly skilled in website design but we also are experts in optimization.

Gotfunk offers Website designGoogle Ads & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Logo Design & Graphic DesignBusiness cardsFlyersCorporate Gifts and Corporate Clothing.  

Contact Gotfunk today for your quote on your website

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It’s almost that time of year again, time for some year end gifting to go around. Christmas is only 4 months away.  Have you given your corporate gifts any thought? 

The end of a year is a great reflection of the year that is about to pass. Look in your business mirror, you will see the reflected image of your company for the year that is about to end. Are you positive and exited for the year 2020 to come? Great new challenges on the way? New partnerships? But, before look to far ahead let’s stop and look at the partnerships, clients and employees that made the success of this year possible.  Thanking your clients and employees should be as a big a priority as tightening in yearend targets. The culprit in this instance is the thought that December is still months away.

You have spent hundreds of hours throughout the year nurturing your clients, trying to develop a strong and lasting relationship, empowering employees and maintaining a healthy work environment. It is essential to give your clients and employees a gift with meaning. If you have not spent adequate time planning these corporate gifts, you will undermine all the effort you have put in over the past nine months.

Gotfunk wants your company to end the year on a high note with meaningful corporate gifts for every client and every employee. Something to say thank you for your business throughout the year or thank you for your hard work in maintaining a happy client base.

Gotfunk specializes in quality Corporate Gifts. We have a wide range of gifts available, all of which can be branded with your logo. Browse through our range and if you see an item you like, send us a quote request. Remember, quantity is key, the more gifts you order, the lower the unit cost will be! Send through the product code on which you require a quotation.

Select an option below on one of our menu's, you will be taken to an external site with the full catalogue. Once you have the items you are interested in, send us an email with the code and the logo you require branded and we will respond with a quote!

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