A Funky Logo Design tends to be a small representation of your brand, regardless of how small or large your influence extends. It tends to be one of your first points of creativity as a business too. Here are a few steps to creating the perfect Funky Logo Design for your business or start-up.

Understand Why You Need a Logo

Think about your logo as a business' profile picture. Will it lure people to want to know more and be associated with your brand? Will it give a lasting impression on current as well as potential clients? Does it represent your business at a glance? A great Logo communicates what you stand for, makes a brilliant first impression and should set you apart from your competition.

Define Your Brand Identity

A Logo is a representation of your brand. Consider it somewhat like putting a face to a name. You need to understand your business and how you would like to be identified in the market. It may not be a necessary step just for logo creation, however, knowing what your business stands for makes it easier to create A Funky Logo Design that compliments the uniqueness of your brand.

Trying to discover what kind of Logo you want your brand to represent by is tough on so many levels. But there is a simple guide to getting it done.

Start with a simple brainstorm. A proper brainstorm might just be what you need to come up with a look and feel of the Logo. Start with noting down every idea that comes to mind... with brainstorming, there are no bad ideas. Note all of them down. Any idea can spark an ingenious solution so do not undermine any of them.

Secondly, think like your audience. How would you like to be perceived? How would your brand be described from an outside point of view? Take note of what would be important to someone in your demographic.

Finally, get more people involved. Perspective matters especially when it comes to people who want more for your business. A one-person point of view is fine but you do need a second, third and even maybe a tenth eye to see what everyone else may have missed. With brainstorming, all ideas are welcome as long as you remember that in the, it will be your opinion in your logo that represents your business. Look at people in your department, your mentors and business partners if any. Think about how your business can be visualized in your Logo.

Know Your Competition

This has nothing to do with copy-pasting what anyone else is doing. Check out the competition to get a feel of what is being done in your industry of focus. Take note of the colour schemes, the logo quality all round and keep an eye out for trends that have seemingly been overused in order to avoid them. From this you can brainstorm ideas on how to set yourself apart in the market.


Your logo will be used on various media, from websites and fabric to envelopes. Your logo needs to be adjustable and scalable in order for it to look as good in black and white as in colour.


You really do not want your Funky Logo Design to look like the Comic Sans in its territory. Take a look at fonts, gradients, and colours that would make your logo look like a winner. Not every font works with the niche you're trying to identify with so don't stick to a font just because you're used to it. Different fonts definitely serve different purposes and portray different messages.


Icons are a symbol that set you apart from your competition. Think about all the icons that you can mention off the top of your head without necessarily having the name of the business attached to it. for instance the Apple logo and so many others. You must, however, realize that it's not mandatory for your logo to include an  icon. there are numerous text - or initial-bases logos that stand out just as they are without an icon.


If you're going to end up working with a Graphic Designer, it's important to have a sketch, however rough it may be, that shows what kind of design you want. A plus is that it helps you remember and takes the image out of your brain and gives it the first breath of life.

You've just reserved a domain and are ready to start building your website. You may now be wondering why you have to pay for Web Hosting? This begs the question: What is Web Hosting and why do I need it?

How Web Hosting Works

When you want to start a business, you need a physical location to set up, store and sell your products. The same rules apply in the digital world when setting up a website.

When you setup an online business, you have a series of files, images and HTML code that make up your website. These files take up space and need a place to live. Without an online home, your files would just sit on your computer and no one would ever see them. A hosting provider will provide a place on a web server to store all of your files and are responsible for delivering the files of your website as soon as a browser makes a request by typing in your domain name.

When you pay for hosting services, you are simply renting storage space on the internet, just like you would rent a physical store for your business.

What Is a Domain Name

When you first throught about starting an online business, you purchased a domain name. A domain name is your company's address on the internet. If you are renting space at a physical location for your business, you give customers your street address so they can find you. If you are renting space on the interenet, you give customers your domain name.

Whenever someone types in your domain name, it is converted into an IP address. The hosting company then locates all the files connected to your IP address and returns all of the pictures, videos, and words that make up your website.

Just like every street address is unique, so is every domain name. Whenever you start a new website, you get the opportunity to choose a name that perfectly reflects your brand.

Choosing A Hosting Provider

When selecting a provider it is important to consider the different types of hosting services that are offered. Here are a few things to consider when determining where you would like to host your site:
• What type of website are you building? eCommerce, blog, portfolio etc
• Based on the type of website, what is the bandwidth needed to run your site
• Can you create email addressees for your domain
• What type of hosting options are available
• Do they provide SSL Certificates

After choosing your hosting provider, completing your domain registration is easy! Often times your web host will also be your domain registrar.

Types Of Web Hosting

If you are looking to host a website for your small business, Gotfunk is a web hosting provider that offers a variety of hosting services to suite your needs.


Are you looking for more traffic towards your website but have no idea which possibilities are out there? You have come to the right place. Gotfunk not only specialises in website development, we also know how to get your website the traffic you require and ranking higher on Google.

What are Google Ads?

Before a purchase is made, most clients turn to google researching the product or service they want. Every second there are 2.3 million searches performed on Google, and most search result pages include Google Ads. Looking at these numbers, it might be a good return on investment (ROI) doesn’t matter if your company is just starting up or if you have been in business for years.

Google Ads is an advertising platform that is affordable, easy to use and user friendly. Google Ads is not only for large companies that have a marketing strategy in place but for start-up companies to obtain the traffic needed in order to create a client base for a successful business. Google is the only platform worldwide that is suitable for advertising of any product. From the smallest item to the most unusual products and new inventions.

You get to choose your target market. Targeting in marketing serves brands as well as consumers. It improves marketing strategies and audience experiences, builds brand awareness and loyalty, and even leads to better products and services. Plus, target marketing makes it easier for brands to reach audiences in an authentic, more meaningful and personal way. 

Your marketing budget will determine the amount you spent on Google Ads. Gotfunk has the marketing experience to obtain the necessary traffic for your business by using the best keywords for your ads as searched by potential clients. With years of experience in digital marketing and website development, we know how to get your business ranking on the first page of Google.

Adding Google Ads to your marketing budget ensures the correct target audience finds your business and products leading to sales generation and putting your business on the map.

With Google Ads, you pay per click for potential clients searching for your products or services. This is an important step towards digital advertising as a click from a client will lead to sales leaving you with a great return on investment (ROI). The overall average in-target rate is currently at 44% with a significant variance seen across product categories.

With Google Ads and the correct marketing company behind you, you are heading in the right direction. At Gotfunk we build partnerships with our clients to help you grow your business. Let us help you tell your story to the world.

No matter what you require, we can assist you with all your business requirements from website development to leaving your digital footprint on the net.

Let us help you market your business the right way.

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Are you looking for professional Website Design Services? Gotfunk has been delivering professional Web Design Services to your clients since 2001. We have our own digital marketing dashboards so that we can monitor what clients do on your website and make suggestions accordingly.

If you already have a website and do not get any web traffic or clients, you need SEO or Google Ads! We have more than 10 years experience in custom SEO and marketing strategies for any type of business. Gotfunk services clients all over South Africa, even if we are a Website Design Company Pretoria

If you are looking at hosting a new website or already have a Website Design, give us a call and we will assist you in growing your business.

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Gotfunk has got the solutions for your 2019 Creative Marketing Campaign 

There are so many different types of marketing available. Different Agencies, different marketing strategies, how do you choose? It all starts with your vision for your company. In the technological marketing world we live in, everything is digitalised. Everything we need is available at our fingertips. 

What is your vision for marketing strategy for the future?

Organizations use strategic marketing to create a plan to better reach and satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity.  There are different methods to approach your Creative Marketing Campaign with many different products available on the market today. We are talking about Marketing Agencies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Graphic and Design Agencies and Web Designing Agencies to name just a few.

Having all these options to choose from, has an impact on your marketing strategy for the future.  Not only do you need to find an agency that has the exact same vision for your company’s future, but you must keep in mind which services these agencies have to offer.

Looking at the services each one offers, might have an enormous impact on your final Creative Marketing strategy.

Marketing Agencies:

Marketing agencies creates and implements strategies and conduct the market research for your specific product in order to increase sales and profits of a company. Marketing agencies seeks to build a relationship with your target audience and increase overall exposure by extending reach to potential customers who are likely to be interested in the product you are selling.

Digital Marketing Agencies:

The main purpose of a Digital Marketing Agency is to improve and promote your business.  Digital Marketing Agencies increase the number of customers you generate as well as the traffic your site receives, thus promoting your product without the additional cost of local newspaper ads being placed weekly and likely getting no response from those ads. 

Advertising Agencies:

An independent service-rendering organization. It delivers various services and performs many functions for its clients, who are advertisers. An advertising agency, more often referred to as a creative agency or an ad agency, is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. 

Graphic Design Agencies

Graphic design agencies create visual communication materials for their clients such as logos, marketing materials and advertising. They work with their clients to identify business objectives, create strategies and implement them with a range of design, advertising, branding and marketing projects.

Web Design Agencies

Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

Web Design with your customer in mind, determining the client’s requirements and goals, creating graphics, as well as, designing colour schemes, layouts and fonts, while achieving the right mark-up and style.

Web Designers takes into consideration the overall user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details. These are just a few elements that are involved in developing a website that is designed to perform in today's competitive marketplace.

What if there was a Creative Marketing Company that can do all the above and more?

The search is finally over.  Gotfunk - The company that covers all your Creative Marketing ideas, has the same vision for your business and assist you with your exact business needs in the long haul. We are proud to offer all our clients the following services:

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design and Graphic Design
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Corporate Clothing

All your company needs under one roof. Specialising in everything a company might need for successful and Creative Marketing. We are driven by the appreciation of all online marketing and print media and we cater for all types of businesses, from start-up companies to your more experiences businesses, we strive to be affordable to all business owners as we want you to be successful.

So… what is your Creative Marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate, call us today.

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